Welcome to Reebs Lures!

Who's Reebs?

Mike RybaReebs Lures? How was it conceived? Many people have asked me this question throughout the years, so here it is...

Back in 1987 I was a fanatic Large Mouth Bass fisherman.  My parents would drop me off at our local Lake Hodges at dawn every morning and pick me up at sunset.  During this time I taught myself how different color patterns affect bass behavior, and I learned many different aspects of how bass react to lures.  I would blow through hundreds of plastic worms, lizards, and flukes every week.  It wasn't until 1990 that I started fusing my used baits together to achieve certain patterns I couldn't find in stores.

Eventually, I taught myself through trial and error how to cast molds using different techniques and materials.  With this knowledge, I began casting 6" worms and re-burning old plastics to create new baits.  I would take them to different lakes and test them out.  Some worked, some didn't, but I was learning.  Then something happened. I purchased a boat.  From then on, fishing became habitual.

It wasn't long until I started casting swimbait molds and dropping the boat in Oceanside Harbor every day possible.  I'd go a little further every time in my 14' Crestliner until I was going down to La Jolla in search of large bass.  I figured out some basic swimbait patterns for North County,  and started finding deep structure spots along the coastline.

Then, with the mindset of "Why not carry over some freshwater ideas to the salt?", I created the saltwater jig I now call the Kelp Sassin.  At the time, I had no idea of the success this bait would bring me and other anglers across the West Coast.  I knew it worked fishing deep rocks that other swimbait heads could never get out of.  It also performed flawlessly in the thick mat we call Kelp.  The Kelp Sassin evolved over time, and I now incorporate UV additives to my powder coat to make them even deadlier to many different species.

As time went by, I've continued making molds and baits, and have owned Reebs Lures since 1992.  Three kids and a wonderful wife later, I'm still at it.  I make a signature bait called the "Donkey Donk" which is a 12" top water swimbait .  I designed it for trophy Calico Bass at the islands or inshore.  Following the Donkey Donk, I've designed my own top water bait called the Persuader, which has had great success in both sizes that we offer in 6" and 8" baits.  In addition, I introduced my new saltwater spinnerbait called the Bolt Thrower in the spring of 2012 in the 1 oz. size, and because of its great success, we have added two newer sizes of 1/2 oz. and 2.5 oz. for more variation.   In addition to our Bolts, we've recently added new sizes to our Kelp Sassin jigs in a 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. weight.  Also new to our website are swimbait heads!  We have 8 color variations in 5 different sizes in our new Sassin Heads. And last but not least, we've recently launched our line of Reebs irons for pelagic fishing.  So far they've been a great success. Check 'em out!

I have also fished competitively in the SBS and SWBA series for several years, and have fished the bigger Seabass tourneys at Catalina.  My team won the WON White Seabass Championship in 2010.  I also won first place with my partner, Matt Moyer, in the SBS San Diego Bay Inshore tournament of Jan. 2013 and the Long Beach Night tournament in March 2013.   I regularly visit Cedros Island in Mexico 2-3 times a year looking for double digit Calico Bass.  As for the future, I will continue to innovate new ideas and designs and continue the search.